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Elementary and High School Art Collaboration

Posted on: December 28, 2022
During the 2022 Summer Learning Camp at Three Rivers, teacher Ms. Ferree had so much fun helping students learn to sew pillows that she and Ms. Burichin decided to collaborate during the school year. Younger students worked with Ms. Burichin to draw personalized creatures. The students did an outstanding job creating unique drawings that captured their individual personalities. Then high school students were tasked to replicate the pictures by sewing pillow toys that resembled the picture. The results were outstanding and truly showcased the high school students' artistic talents.
When asked how the project went, Ms. Ferree reflected on the experience by saying, "some of my sculpture students wanted to stay in class longer so they could keep sewing the creatures! They were so excited to share their final projects with the younger art students who had originally imagined them."
In December, the high school students presented their toys to the individual students that created the original drawing. 
pillow project