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The Alumni meetings are held every 2nd Thursday of the month at 6:30 pm at 29 E. State St. 

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Alma Mater

Below are the words to the Taylor High School Alma Mater.  

During the l950s Ed Howard, class of l956, who was to become a longtime educator in the district, composed another song in honor of Taylor. A beautiful piece, it is called "Taylor High School Alma Mater." 

For the gift of song to Taylor High School, Ed will be remembered.

 Taylor High School Alma Mater

My head's held high,
So proud am I
To be one of your number.
Thy past is great,
Thy paths are straight,
Thy future shall be pure.

O Taylor High
Our Taylor High
Thy sons sing out thy glory.
Our voices raise
To sing thy praise,
O Taylor, here's to thee.

We hear thy call
To one and all
To go forth into glory.
To strive for good
and brotherhood,
To honor right o'er wrong.
Thy towering dome,
Like mighty Rome,
Looks high out o'er the river
So all may see
Thy sons, like thee,
Are able, just, and proud.