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Teri Riesenberg

Teri Riesenberg


Phone: 513.824.7400


The Treasurer is the Chief Financial Officer for the district and oversees all financial operations for Three Rivers Local School District. The duties of the Treasurer include overseeing the annual budget, financial planning and analysis, payroll, purchasing, and the accounts payable process. The Treasurer is responsible for preparation of the Annual Financial Report, Tax Budget, coordinates financial matters between local, state and federal authorities and the District. The Treasurer also serves as the Secretary to the Board of Education. In this role, the Treasurer’s Office holds all contracts, documents, and the official minutes of all Board meetings.

For information regarding school finance or the district Finance Committee, please contact Teri Riesenberg, Treasurer. 

Dan Carle

Dan Carle

Treasurer Asst. I

Phone: 513.824.7350


Lori Nelson

Lori Nelson

Treasurer Asst. II

Phone: 513.824.7351


TRLSD Receives the Ohio State Auditor Award with Distinction

TRLSD Receives the Ohio State Auditor Award with Distinction

Eligible entities that receive the award meet the following criteria for a “clean” audit report:

    • The entity must file financial reports with the Auditor of State’s office by the statutory due date, without extension, via the Hinkle System, on the Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) accounting basis, and prepare an ACFR (Annual Comprehensive Financial Report);


    • The audit report does not contain any findings for recovery, material citations, material weaknesses, significant deficiencies, Uniform Guidance (Single Audit) findings, or questioned costs, with the opinion dated within six (6) months of the entity’s year-end;


  • The entity’s management letter contains no comments related to:
    • Ethics referrals
    • Questioned costs less than the threshold per the Uniform Guidance
    • Lack of timely annual financial report submission
    • Bank reconciliation issues
    • Failure to obtain a timely Single Audit in accordance with Uniform Guidance
    • Findings for recovery less than $500
    • Public meetings or public records issues
  • The entity has no other financial or other concerns
Certificate of Excellence


The annual tax budget and unaudited financial statements of the Three Rivers Local School District are available to the public. Copies of the report are available for the public inspection in the Treasurer's Office at the District Office, 401 N. Miami Ave., Cleves, OH 45002 from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm daily. By order of the Three Rivers Local Board of Education and Treasurer. 


The Treasurer’s office oversees all of the financial operations of the District, including payroll for certified personnel and non-instructional certificated employees. The Treasurer serves as the Chief Financial Officer and reports directly to the Board of Education. 

The Treasurer is responsible for the preparation of the annual budget. The Board of Education must adopt a budget by September 30 of each year. The Treasurer’s office also publishes an annual financial report at June 30 each year. 

The Treasurer also serves as the Secretary to the Board of Education. In this role, the Treasurer’s Office holds all contracts, documents, and the official minutes of all Board meetings. 

The Treasurer works with the Board of Education Members and the finance committee to ensure proper spending of taxpayers' dollars. 

2023 5-Year Forecast

View the Five Year Forecast approved by the Board of Education in a meeting held on May 28, 2024.

School districts are required to submit a five year forecast in the Fall (November) and Spring(May) of each fiscal year for the purpose of providing the district's financial trend over time and providing stakeholders a roadmap for decision making to ensure the financial stability and sustainability of the district.
While ODE mandates that we forecast for a 5 year period, the state budget is only approved on a 2 year biennial cycle.  Future Revenue and Expenditure data has been estimated using historical data, current factors and known trends.  Forecast variables can change multiple times throughout the fiscal year and forecast period, and while this cash flow projection helps to identify unexpected variances, this information is not guaranteed.
For further information or questions regarding the forecast, please reach out to Teri Riesenberg, Treasurer, at

You can also view the report or other districts' by visiting The Ohio Department of Education's Website.