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Bus schedules are determined at the beginning of the year based on our policies and the enrollment of the students.  It is our goal to transport your student to school quickly and safely. 

  1. High School students, grades 9th through 12th, are NOT bused to school.
  2. Students who live within a 1-mile radius of the educational campus are not bused to school.
  3. Students who are in grades Pre-School through 8th grade and meet the district's transportation criteria are eligible for busing.

If you have any questions, please contact the Transportation Department.

Do You Know the Bus Rules?  

  1. Riding the bus is a privilege. Strict behavior expectations are enforced on the bus; the students are to follow the rules mailed to the homes with the bus information in addition to the school code of conduct. 
  2. Students are required to be at their assigned bus stop 5 minutes prior to the scheduled arrival time.
  3. Students may NOT ride the bus to a stop other than their assigned stop. 
  4. A student must be picked up at the same address each day. The student may be transported to a different address at the end of the day; however, that address must be the same each day. If your schedule is not the same each day, you must provide transportation on the odd days.
  5. Bus information is based on the child's home address unless the transportation department receives a request for a different address (for either pick up or drop off). This request should be made in FinalForms. When the FinalForms transportation section is complete, please call the Transportation Department at 513.467.3215.