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College Credit Plus

Posted on: June 16, 2017

High Schools are giving students the option of taking CCP (College Credit Plus) courses. Ohio’s College Credit Plus program enables students to earn college and high school credits simultaneously by taking college courses from community colleges or universities. The purpose of this program is to promote rigorous academic pursuits and to provide a wide variety of options to college-ready high school students, and at no cost to the student.  Online opportunities to take these classes is an added benefit of the program. Furthermore, Taylor High School offers 2 dual credit courses on the campus taught by Taylor instructors.

Taylor High School currently has nine students taking Honors Pre-Calculus, nine students taking Engineering Foundations at the high school campus, and ten students taking CCP courses online or on a college campus.

One of Taylor High School’s CCP participants is senior, Madison Wells. When Madison reflected on her thoughts of the program, she stated “the CCP program was one of the most life-changing decisions I have ever made.  Taylor is amazing and has taught me many life lessons as well as prepared me for college.” She went on to explain that, “the classes are different than high school and there is a lot more freedom given to you, but with that, a lot more responsibility. It has given me a chance to grow up and is somewhat of a "test drive" for next year when I actually go to college.” The online component has really enabled a lot more students to participate in the program and do so without the transportation issues colleges can sometimes have. Madison has taken courses online and reflected by sharing, “I love online classes because I can do them on my own time and don't have to drive out to campus every day, but of course, having online classes instills a certain sense of responsibility and time management.” When asked about her family’s perception of the program, Madison said, “my family loves the CCP program as well and has been very supportive of my decision to try something new.”

A natural concern of parents considering CCP is whether the program hinders their child’s high school experience. Although CCP certainly alters the experience for students, Madison shared that, “this year, I was able to participate in drama at Taylor High School.” 

Samantha Church is also a senior at Taylor High School and is participating full-time in the College Credit Plus Program. Sam explained her experience and said that it, “has allowed me to get ahead in my schooling while working within the community to achieve my goals. Because of College Credit Plus, I received thousands of dollars in an education for dedication and hard work. College Credit Plus gives you the flexibility in your schedule, the resources, and the time to follow your dreams.  When I leave Taylor High, I will have an associate’s degree, which will be a huge stepping stone into my career; my family and I are very thankful.”

Although CCP is certainly not for every high school student, it is an option in our ever-changing and ever-growing educational world.