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Posted on: March 29, 2017
Bolivia parrot picture
Day 7, March 27 (blog submitted by Taylor High School student, Kurt Knue)
Today was spent entirely at the orphanage. After waking up at around 8:30 to the sounds of chirping parrots, we proceeded with our regularly scheduled breakfast. Our platter differs everyday. Today's options included cereal, strawberries, and bread to name a few. Stansberry offers many options at every meal however.
Students working in Bolivia

After breakfast, we began working again. We continued sanding and painting, but not as close to the orphans' homes this time. Instead, today was spent working on a fairly large building that encompasses the girls' dormitory, washing facilities, and laundry room. We worked for a long time, taking a break only for lunch.

A cat named Tigerlilly in Bolivia

Lunch today was a batch of soup that included chicken and mixed vegetables. Promptly, we returned to work, and didn't conclude until around 6:30. For awhile then, we had downtime. I personally had a fairly relaxed evening, by petting the orphanage's cat, Tigerlily (again) and later spending time in the boys' dormitory. 

Later on, we had a dinner of fries, with a condensed beef and hotdog mixture poured on top. Various vegetable sides were also available. A pot (yes, a pot) of lemonade was also made from scratch for our consumption. The rest of my day was spent roaming the grounds of the orphanage and playing with the children. Seesaws and soccer balls (combined with youthful imagination) make up some of their favorite games. Exhausted, I returned to the dormitory around 10:30 to shower. Unfortunately at Stansberry, only cold water is available (as it is for most of Bolivia). Thankfully though, the orphanage's very warm beds compensate that fact. I have been sleeping very well these past few nights.