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Posted on: March 28, 2017
Day 3, March 23
Today was our first day of work. We sanded windows where the orphans lived and painted play sets within the property. It was hard work, but they gave us time to rest and fed us well. 
Julie is a very nice woman. Her children are also pretty charming. We had a lot of downtime to chat and discuss life in Bolivia with them. Similarly, we also got to chat with the Canadian students throughout the day. They really aren't much different. They use Celsius, and the Canadian dollar, but that's about it. I've enjoyed the company of a few that I've met throughout the day. 
The food is also very good. We had empanadas for breakfast and a potato-soup-like meal for lunch. I missed dinner however. I was exhausted from the day and slept through it. Every time I leave the boys' dorm, I am always greeted by Tigerlily, one of the orphanages' cats. She is probably the most chill cat I have ever met. I've probably held her in my lap for at least two hours today. 
Tomorrow we go to Samaipata. Samaipata isn't like our home in the orphanage. The water is not purified, and we have no solid Spanish-English translators anymore. I have been practicing my own Spanish throughout the day however. I hope to at least be able to get by with the language. Bolivia is definitely not Ohio.
 (Submitted by Taylor High School student, Kurt Knue)