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Winner of the Ohio Public Educator Excellence in Education Award

Posted on: January 29, 2024
Brittney Priore

Congratulations to Brittney Priore, an esteemed educator at Three Rivers Elementary, for the well-deserved recognition she has received through the prestigious Greater Cincinnati Excellence in Education Award. This accolade serves as a testament to Mrs. Priore's unwavering commitment to fostering innovation within the realm of education.

In her role at Three Rivers Elementary, Mrs. Priore has consistently demonstrated an innovative approach to teaching, embracing new methodologies and incorporating creative strategies to make learning a captivating and meaningful experience for her students.

This recognition reflects not only Mrs. Priore's individual achievements but also highlights the dedication and excellence that characterize the entire educational community at Three Rivers. The school takes immense pride in having educators of Mrs. Priore's caliber, who contribute significantly to the overall academic and personal development of the students.

We look forward to witnessing the continued impact of her innovative and inspiring teaching methods on the educational landscape, making a lasting difference in the lives of students and the community as a whole. Congratulations once again to Mrs. Brittney Priore on this well-deserved accolade.