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Taylor Scholastic Art Award Recipients

Posted on: January 29, 2024

Congratulations are in order for student artists from Taylor Middle School and Taylor High School.

The Scholastics competition stands as the largest visual art contest for high school students across the United States. Open to teens in grades 7-12 (ages 13 and above), participants can submit their work across 29 categories of art and writing. A panel of art professionals carefully evaluates the submissions, seeking pieces that showcase originality, technical prowess, and the emergence of a distinct personal voice or vision. From a pool of over 5000 entries, these (below) talented Taylor art students were selected for this esteemed exhibition.

Eva Mullens has secured the distinguished Silver Key Award for her exceptional 2D portfolio!

Taylor Middle School & Taylor High School won 31 individual awards:  
Name Artwork category Award
Eva Mullens PORTFOLIO/2D silver
Ainsley Argo ceramics gold
Macie Bessler mixed media silver
Grace Doerger ceramics HM
Grace Doerger ceramics silver
Grace Doerger sculpture silver
Maddie Douglas sculpture HM
Ries Dreyer ceramics HM
Ries Dreyer ceramics HM
Ries Dreyer drawing HM
Ella Eiding painting HM
Justin Hughes drawing HM
Madi Hughes mixed media gold
Rachel Hutson drawing silver
Morgan Koelling ceramics HM
Morgan Koelling ceramics HM
Morgan Koelling printmaking HM
Morgan Koelling ceramics silver
Emma Lykins mixed media HM
Juliet McDade sculpture HM
Anna Miller ceramics HM
Ellie Miller ceramics HM
Eva Mullens drawing gold
Eva Mullens painting silver
Eva Mullens ceramics silver
Corine Rieskamp drawing HM
Mal Sand ceramics HM
Cailyn Schira drawing silver
Cailyn Schira mixed media gold
Amber Tate ceramics HM
Layla Tenhundfeld drawing HM
Leah Witterstaetter drawing silver