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Taylor Middle School

TMS Elective Course Guides

2022-2023 elective course selections are available for current 6th and 7th grade students.  Please email counselors at,,  or with any questions.

Core Courses:

Students will automatically be enrolled in CORE classes – English (2), Math (2), Social Studies (1), and Science (1).  Recommendations will be made based on previous state test scores and teacher recommendations.  Teacher recommendations will be communicated separately at a later date.  


Elective Courses:

When selecting electives, students must choose courses that equal to 2.0.  Please note whether the selections are .50 (half) or 1.0 (full) year courses.  Courses in grade 7 do not earn high school credits other than Health, which requires a teacher recommendation.  Courses are subject to change based upon availability.

7th Grade TMS Elective Guide 2022-23

8th Grade TMS Elective Guide 2022-23