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The Yellow Jacket Foundation logo



Organized to enhance and provide funding for educational opportunities for student-athletes in the Three Rivers Local School District.


Establish and maintain first-class athletic

complexes where a winning tradition begins


  • Alumni Parents Students
  •  Staff
  •  Businesses
  •  Stakeholders in the Three Rivers Community


  • A fundraising 501(c)(3) foundation to help raise capital for our first-class athletic complex
  • A group of stakeholders which fosters and promotes sportsmanship from students and parents
  • A community organization which will promote and enhance a winning tradition in Jacket’s Country
  • A social group to help organize and sponsor before and after game gatherings, retain special guests to speak at events and provide easy access to Reds, Bengals and other sporting events and concerts in our area


  • To obtain new capital to grow an Endowment Fund for the future
  • To establish a separate management structure in the form of a 501(c)(3) charitable organization allowing for more flexibility for capital projects
  • To develop a social network
  • To help the administration and school board maintain the athletic complex
  • To form liaison members so all school groups and clubs are represented and communicating, i.e. PTO, Acclaim, Athletic Boosters, Three Rivers Community Athletic Association and all individual sports programs



President, Bruce Krauss

Vice President, Bobby Kent

TRLSD Board of Education Representative, Jim Murphy

TRLSD Administration Representative, Larry Herges

Secretary, Alan Montague



Treasurer, Lynn Lee

 Constitution and By-Laws for The Yellow Jacket Foundation

The purpose of the Yellow Jacket Foundation is to provide monies to the Three Rivers School District for educational opportunities in the Three Rivers Community and to build, improve and maintain the Three Rivers Local School District Athletic Facilities. 

View the  Constitution and By-Laws for The Yellow Jacket Foundation document HERE.




  • Participate in monthly meetings
  • Access to social events, before and after game parties, and social outings-additional cost may apply
  • Voting rights occur by attending 1 meeting and volunteering for 1 fundraising event in a 12 month period


  • Make checks payable to The Yellow Jacket Foundation 401 N Miami Ave Cleves, Ohio 45002
  • We can also take a credit card for your convenience (*small fee required)


If you are interested in purchasing a brick for the wall located between the soccer field and football field in the high school parking lot area, please do so by downloading either of the two forms below. Checks can be made payable to The Yellow Jacket Foundation and sent to Bob Kent at P.O. Box 446 North Bend, Ohio 45052.

$100 Donation Brick Form

$250 Donation Brick Form 

jonas memorial arts logo

Bricks engraved by our friends at Jonas Memorial Arts in West Harrison, Indiana.

The Yellow Jacket Foundation

The Three Rivers Educational Campus opened in 2013 and became the new home for Taylor High School, Taylor Middle School, and Three Rivers Elementary School. The money to build this project came from our School Bond for the Miami Township community. The School Bond only covered the cost of the school buildings, leaving us the need to separately fund all athletic facilities. The Soccer, Football, Softball Field, and Track fields, new concessions, and public restrooms are all completed. Revenue for these projects came from selling school properties and large donations. 


How to Help

The Yellow Jackets Foundation was formed in 2014 as a 501 (c) 3 non-profit organization. The Foundation will generate funds for the remaining buildings and future maintenance for all athletic facilities as they age. To support the foundation, please email