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Taylor High School Fight Song

The Story

by Marjorie Burress

Dorothy Robison Knight Walstrom, class of l935, talented pianist and organist, passed away January 5, l997, at McAllen, Texas. In Taylor history, Dorothy and the late Maribelle Clark Euchs, class of l934, are known as the co-authors of Taylor's Song. 

One day in 1928, Mr. Albert E. Bollinger, vocal music teacher, asked his seventh and eighth grade class why Taylor had no song. Dorothy and Maribelle volunteered on the spot to write one. The two girls left the room and within thirty minutes returned with their composition in hand. "Here's to dear old Taylor" became an instant success. Since then, the number has been learned and sung by students until this day.

Fight Song


by Maribelle Clark, Eunice Graham, and Dorothy Robison

Here's to
dear old Taylor
Long may she stand High,
Down through the Ages
May her banners Fly. Rah! Rah! Rah!

Keep her name Untarnished,
And her flag Unfurled.
Do this, Fellow-students,
And she'll stand before the World.

We go out to Conquer,
Fighting clean and Fair;
Fight for all that's Worthy,
Only get it Square. Rah! Rah! Rah

Keep the fighting Spirit
And the burning Flame,
Play with soul and Sinew
And we're sure to win the Game.

Here's to
dear old Taylor
Dear old gold and Brown;
Keep her colors flying,
Never let them Down. Rah! Rah! Rah

Cherish all her Standards,
Keep her straight and True.
You'll be
proud of Taylor
And you'll
make her proud of You.