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Three Rivers Branding Guidelines


Getting the color right is more than 1/2 the battle. Use the color codes below to get your project done correctly.

For Merchandise:

  • PMS Numbers: Gold PMS 122 and Black
    • For sports you may need to move to PMS 123 which is more of a standard color and will not add cost to your project

For Printing:

  • CYKM is 0/17/80/0

For Online:

  • RGB is: 255/210/79
    • For Microsoft products, (1) go into the color whether it is for a font or a fill; (2) select more colors; (3) go to the dialog window and select the tab for custom; (4) from here you can put in your RGB color selections to get the accurate color you want.


To change or resize the dimensions of a logo correctly: hold down the control key and grab a corner of the logo then drag it to the size you want.

To obtain any approved Three Rivers logos, please email